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What just happened?

What do you call a looter who doesn’t loot?  Seriously, I need to come up with a name.  I think I’ve had breakers and auditors.  Breakers and auditors with guns.

They came in through the Open Invitation and wandered the maze through the designated route, like good little rats, but they didn’t take anything – just made a lot of marks on a clipboard and then got gone, even boarding up the window they came in through before they left and putting some fresh locks on the doors.  I left the locks, but took the board down – looking too secure invites more thorough investigation – I’d rather keep my Open Invitation open.

Don’t get me wrong, may all my future looters be so civilised, but something makes me think they could be back for more than an inventory.


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6 responses to “What just happened?

  1. Fiona

    Oh boy, could these be The Authorities? Are there any authorities anymore? What’s going on over there anyway? Nothing I hear makes sense.

    • Elaine

      Hard to tell… what they were wearing could have once been uniforms, but I’m given to believe uniformed types generally wear the same uniforms as their colleagues, and these were kind of a mismatched set.
      As to what’s going on over here, the newsnets aren’t giving away a whole lot. There are reports of frustration with the extended quarantine, calls for refusers to come forward. The official reports stress that the atmosphere inside the quarantines is calm and orderly. I don’t buy it for a second.

  2. Jack

    So what you gonna do, clear out?

    • Elaine

      Nah – any luck, if they’re after supplies they won’t bother exploring the upstairs offices. I’ll just take as much of it as I can up here, keep a ’specially close watch on the approach alarms, and made sure to cut the power and lie low while they clean out whatever I can’t hoard. Hopefully they’ll get gone once they’ve cleaned out the shelves, and mark the place down as deserted.

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