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My utopia

Oh yeah, and I got this from the quiz Mei memed us.  Guess I’m not getting there any time soon.

Hi-tech, Post-scarcity Anarchist Individualism, e.g. The Culture in a number of the novels of Iain M. Banks

Hi-tech, Post-scarcity Anarchist Individualism, e.g. The Culture in a number of the novels of Iain M. Banks

You’d rather skip the inconvenient practicalities of social development and revolution, and go straight to a society in which resources and possibilities are limitless, and who can blame you? Why mess about with complex social systems when you can have all-powerful sentient machines with a sense of humour and recreational sex till the bovine protein synthesisers reach their point of origin. And if you get bored with having your every imaginable desire on tap, you can always join Contact and agonise about whether it’s more unethical to go around imposing freedom on less utopian societies or to continue to exist while not imposing freedom on them.

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Which Utopia are you building?


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2 responses to “My utopia

  1. Fiona

    I thought you wouldn’t be able to resist the sarcastic robots.

    • Elaine

      The idea of machines that can do conversation and heavy lifting without having squidgy needs like oxygen, food, water and toilet facilities is kind of appealing right now.

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