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Lost the store

I lost the store.  I’m alone and I’m injured and I’m sitting shivering in a basement, shitting myself because there’s nobody, I mean absolutely no fucker out here.  The whole damn world’s dead, except for the ones that are after me.  I think I’m completely alone.

I need more water, I need fresh dressings, soon I’m going to need more food.  If you don’t hear from me again…

Fuck it, if you don’t hear from me again I won’t be around to care what you really thought of me.  But I think about balmy nights round the ashes of the camp fire with the air too hot for sleeping bags and the moon too bright for torches, slapping at mozzies and burning off leeches with a cigarette, the kind of night when everyone complained so much about the bugs I threatened to take you all into the outback one day and show you the meaning of hazardous wildlife, and we made idle plans about it, and up until now part of me still thought it might happen, and that we’d all be in the same hemisphere again, looking up at the same stars.

I don’t make friends easily – you all know that by now.  I thought all I needed was to know someone was listening, but now I need you to talk to me.  If you’re out there, if you can spare the time and the power, chat with me now.  Tell me what you’re doing.  Let me know you’re surviving.  Be better off than me, and tell me some of it means something.  Any of you.  Tell me I mattered, that I made you laugh, that you liked my blog.

I don’t know what to say anymore.  I have nothing else to say.


About Elaine

To those who are reading because they know me: Hey Macaronies, pull up a carton and block the aisles awhile – you are welcome here. To those who don’t know me: you know me. You hear my voice every week as you wheel your brats down the aisles, overloading your trollies with overpriced E-numbers, underpriced cotton panties and the tattered shards of my dreams, you shuffling, undead scum of the Earth. Just kidding. Greetings valued customers. My name’s Elaine, and I’ll be pointing you in the direction of the magnificent deals and very special offers available on this blog. If there’s any way I can enhance your reading experience today, please leave a snotty comment and I’ll do my best to feign interest.

41 responses to “Lost the store

  1. Ash

    Bad timing, I know, but I’m finally well enough to write something. You were right in your guess about low batteries – now that we no longer have the caravan, there’s only a hand-charger. I’ll comment on here rather than open SkIMp as it uses less power. How are you feeling? How were you injured?

    • Elaine

      Good to see your avatar, mate. I was worried about you. I got a bullet wound! Can you believe that? Like some fucking action hero. But I was just running away. You?

      • Ash

        I took a bit of a beating at the entrance to Chester, then added a concussion when the caravan was taken, not to mention being half-starved to start with, but I’m going to be alright now that I have Sue and Sarah with me again.

  2. Jack

    Woah, you two are chatting and you didn’t SkIMp me? I’m the last to hear everything! I guess you haven’t heard from Mei?

  3. Ash

    Sorry to worry you both… After they took the caravan I ran until I found a house – it had been a farmhouse. It was unoccupied, but had been raided and everything useful taken. There was a trough with some rainwater in it. Do you have enough water, Elaine?

  4. Ash

    When I’d been doubled up on the floor puking my guts out I saw a handset under the kitchen dresser, that the raiders must have missed. It had just enough charge for me to find Sarah’s message before it went dead. I’d decided to make my way back to where the caravan had been, to retrieve the set we left there and reply, but I must have passed out before I reached the back door. And then I heard Sarah’s voice, calling Sue, and thought I was dreaming or hallucinating, or possibly dead. And then I woke up and found they’d carried me to the bed, and were sitting there, whispering in the candlelight, waiting for me to wake up.

  5. Jack

    Great, and what am I supposed to do?

  6. Fiona

    So sorry to hear this Elaine. Was it the Triggers? Do hang in there. You are a survivor. I told Clara the story of the lady who tricked her mean boss and took over the store and now she wants to hear it all the time.

    • Ash

      That sounds like a wonderful story! I presume you toned down the swearing… 😉
      Just think, Elaine, you’re a legend in Canada! How are you this evening? Let me know how that wound’s healing.

      • Jack

        So now we’ve lost Elaine, too. Or she’s stringing us along, not replying, to get us worried. Not cool, Elaine. Come on, answer.

        • Elaine

          Hey guys. I’m OK. I left the set on and it ran out of charge. My shoulder’s too bad to wind the charger, so I had to wait until there was enough sun to run it off the solar panel.
          Wow, Fiona, I always thought that if anybody told their kids about me it’d be as a dire warning! That legend’s a lot to live up to. How about using a little artistic licence and making sure I get a happy ending?

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